It's all changing, you are being penalised

'Times are a changing' and so are algorithms and search engines.

There is an confusing and contradictory element within the Google Webmaster guidelines that indicates that Google is going to penalise gateway and door linking sites, that deep link into another site and/or deeper into the current domain. 

This bizarre ruling means essentially a menu button with textual link to a page within your existing site may be being penalised by Google as a doorway page.

What we would consider navigation, can now be interpreted as a 'doorway' link!

If you have seen a dramatic drop in traffic then this is one of the features by which Google is smacking you around the head with a wet haddock..........unless, of course, you advertise with them. Then seemingly front page links are all fine and dandy.

That is not to say the Google are giving extreme preference to advertising client over, but rather are penalising those sites without the resources of on site web developers and generous incomes who can maintain their sites to the strict orthodoxy of google's latest algorithms.

To say their latest models are giving preference to the large businesses is an understatement. Their policy, while laudable, is heavily weighted in favour of those capable of investing time, energy and money in their websites, while penalising the small businesses struggling to compete.

Watch this space it is going to get worse!

Internet Marketing UK Consultants

istock_000003306543xsmall.jpgInternet Marketing UK

Research Mode is the key delivery arm of Mode Solutions. Our main service provision is as Internet Marketing UK Consultants.

Our Primary and Core Service is Internet Marketing throughout the UK.

With over 12 years of experience in this field we know we can make a significant and sustainable impact for our Internet and Web Marketing clients.

Investing in a web site is more than just investing money.  The principle reason that people visit your web site is because of what you put on it.  They are on your site to read about what you do or sell.

When we say an invested web site is a successful web site, we are not necessarily talking about the monetary aspect.  The main cost is time.

Internet Marketing in the UK is vibrant and complex with many websites failing to make an impression because of very basic errors. Marketing, whether it be on the internet or even offline is crucial to the success of any business, possbily more so in the UK because of the diverse nature and strong competition at local levels.

90% of internet marketing is research and analysis.  You need to know who your customers are, what they are looking for and how they are going to find you.

We specialise in carrying out market research for you and presenting the information in an easy to understand format so that you can develop your web site for maximum impact and return.

We offer a whole range of internet marketing options for UK based clients.

Market research takes many forms, but the old saying that "Content is King" is never truer than on the Internet.  Our range of Internet Marketing services specialise in interpreting the marketing data, reviewing the site content, analysing your customers and developing the right content to maximise the success of your web site.

For more details of our Internet Marketing UK services and costs, please take time to review the pages on this web site.

To improve the opportunities for our clients in the UK we have developed a revolutionary Internet Marketing UK System that is designed to work in 90% of all online buiness. The Internet Marketing System is a two stage process that works form the basic level to get the sites found and then at the advanced stage to improve targeted results.

We have very quickly identified the key elements that need to be covered to effectively market an internet presence in the UK.

Internet Marketing UK System


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